Thursday, January 29, 2015

With my good ol' friend Chuck

Remembering my high school days with this pair of converse sneaks paired with a semi-cropped top shirt and a blue hi-low skirt.

Our usual girl problem: We think we have nothing to wear but in fact we have lots! It is our mindset to think "boo! they are and not -in-trend anymore". Instead, why don't you try diggin' into your closet to mix and match old clothes. You'll be surprised at how awesome it will turn out!

Semi-cropped top shirt-Thrifted, Hi-Low Skirt-Maldita, Bag-Topshop,Shoes-Converse

Monday, January 26, 2015

Vintage Spirit X A Dream Came True

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Dress-Thrift store, Bag-Topshop, Shoes-Thrift store

Finally, my dream came true. Ever since my teenage years I’ve been wanting to be a beauty and fashion blogger but at that time I am lacking so much self-confidence because of my weight, insecurities and fear of negative feedbacks. To cut the long story short, I met this guy who taugt me how to face my fears and pushed me real hard to pursue this dream. He is now my husband and my photographer. (Laughs)

I am currently in the process of learning everthing about blogging specifically in fashion so please bare with my poses and facial expressions and how the way I write. And you if found something wrong on something please don’t hesitate to correct me.

Dreams really do come true!